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Ueno Petarou is the inventor of the alien creatures known as Zanburgs (ザンブルグ zanburugu). Currently, he has many activities in Twitter and Twitpic.

Artist name: 上野 ペ太郎 ('Ueno Petarou' or 'Ueno Petarow')
Other names: 上野 甲助 (Ueno Kousuke), ぺ太郎 or ぺたろー (Petarou or Petarō)
Old Pixiv ID: uenodesu

Confusion between Zanburgs and sea_angels

On 4chan, Zanburgs were nicknamed with the term "sea angels" due to their sleek, aquatic appearance. However, real sea_angels are a markedly different creature bearing little resemblance to the Zanburgs.


Tumblr blog:
Twitter account:
Twitpic account:
Drawr Account:
Pixiv Account (Closed):
Blog (Closed)
Oekaki board he used to post in as 上野 and 上野甲助:
Old (defunct) website:*/

Status: Active
Other Names ぺたろー, 上野ペ太郎, 上野甲助, ぺ太郎, ueno_petarow *, ueno_kousuke *, petarou

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