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Coloured, glass orbs from Genshin_Impact that are bestowed upon humans by Archons to grant them elemental powers such as Anemo, Cryo, Dendro, Electro, Geo, Pyro, or Hydro. They are enclosed within region/allegiance-specific housing, listed below.

Archons in human form (so far meaning Venti_(Genshin_Impact) and Zhongli_(Genshin_Impact)) have no formal need for Visions, and so instead wear fake versions, known as "Replicas". Their power is derived from Gnoses that continue to allow them power even when not in their possession.

The Fatui developed a technology called "Delusions" that grant elemental powers to those not divinely blessed with a Vision, which can even allow control over multiple elements.


"The typical Mondstadt Vision has an orb-shaped Vision inlaid within a pair of tri-feathered wings, with a diamond-shaped tail on the bottom and five spikes at the top."

- Genshin Impact Wiki


"The typical Liyue Vision has a diamond-shaped Vision inlaid in an octagonal border. At the corners of the diamond are arrow accents."

- Genshin Impact Wiki

Locations on Characters

Aether_(Genshin_Impact)/Lumine_(Genshin_Impact) - Neither of the travelers have Visions, and their elemental powers are granted by Statues of the Seven, meaning they have the ability to obtain them all. The colours of the gemstones embedded in their clothing change to reflect their typing, however.
Albedo_(Genshin_Impact) - Albedo's Vision is located on the front of a necklace that is hung over his shirt. His Vision is Geo.
Amber_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on her left, hanging from her belt. Her Vision is Pyro.
Kamisato_Ayaka_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her back, where it ties together a large purple bow. Her Vision is Cryo.
Baizhu_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on his right, where it hangs from his belt. His Vision is Dendro.
Barbara_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on her left, housed within a book that is fastened to her belt. Her Vision is Hydro.
Beidou_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on her left, hanging from a belt fastened below her breasts. Her Vision is Electro.
Bennett_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on his left, atop a pouch fastened to his belt. His Vision is Pyro.
Chongyun_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at the front of his belt where a buckle would normally be. His Vision is Cryo.
Diluc_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on his left, hanging from his belt. His Vision is Pyro.
Diona_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on her shaker/quiver, where it is embedded. She often moves it around during in-game animations. Her Vision is Cryo.
Fischl_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on the bottom of the back part of her dress, where it exists to fasten the two parts together. Her Vision is Electro.
Ganyu_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on her left, where it ties the front and back of her dress together. Her Vision is Cryo.
Hu_Tao - Located on her back, where it is embedded into her coat. Her Vision is Pyro.
Jean_Gunnhildr - Located at the leftmost part of the back of her belt, where it is fastened to her belt. Her Vision is Anemo.
Kaeya_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on his left, hanging from his belt. His Vision is Cryo.
Keqing_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her back, hanging from the collar of her dress. Her Vision is Electro.
Klee_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on the front of her backpack (although this tends to be at her very back), where it is embedded. Because of this, she often does not display her Vision in art. Her Vision is Pyro.
Lisa_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her front as an amulet strung taut to her necklace. Her Vision is Electro.
Mona_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her back, where it fastens her capelet together. Her Vision is Electro.
Ningguang - Located on her left, where it seemingly hangs freely from her left breast. Her Vision is Geo.
Noelle_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her back, where it is in the middle of a large red bow. Her Vision is Geo.
Qiqi - Located on the left of her hat, where it is embedded. Her Vision is Cryo.
Razor_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at the left of his back, where it is attached to his belt. His Vision is Electro.
Sucrose_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her front, around her throat, where it fastens together her fur-trim collar. Her Vision is Anemo.
Tartaglia_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at his front, at the right of his belt, where it is attached. His Vision is Hydro. During his first Delusion phase, the typing changes to Electro. During his second Delusion phase, it remains Electro, but shifts to the top of his foremost loin covering.
Venti_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at his left, where it is fastened to his belt. His Vision is Anemo. As the Anemo Archon, Venti has no need for a Vision. It is purely to justify his Anemo powers, and is thus a "Replica".
Xiangling_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her right, where it is fastened around her belt. Her Vision is Pyro.
Xiao_(Genshin_Impact) - Located on his left arm, where it is embedded within a glove. His Vision is Anemo.
Xingqiu_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at his left, where it is attached to his clothes around his hips. His Vision is Hydro.
Xinyan_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at her back, where it is embedded within the center of her drum. Because she moves her drum around regularly, it may not necessarily be at her back. Her Vision is Pyro.
Zhongli_(Genshin_Impact) - Located at the back of his coat, where it hangs in the middle of a chain. His Vision is Geo. Zhongli's "Vision" is a Replica.

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