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 1girl :3 artist_name bandaged_hand bandaged_leg bandages black_footwear black_legwear black_shorts blue_skin club colored_sclera colored_skin earclip full_body gradient_horns grey_background highres horns kanabou leg_up multicolored_horns original over_shoulder red_eyes rope sarashi scar shiny shiny_skin shoes short_hair short_hair_with_long_locks short_sleeves shorts signature sneakers solo studded_bracelet toned two_side_up weapon weapon_over_shoulder white_hair yellow_sclera zambiie  rating:Safe score:3 user:fenrir_q
 1girl black_dress black_gloves blue_hair blue_skin blush borrowed_character breasts cibastion claw_pose claws cleavage cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout colored_skin curvy demon_tail dress elbow_gloves fang floating ghost ghost_tail gloves hair_over_eyes heart horns large_breasts long_hair ofuda original shiny shiny_hair solo tail wamudraws wavy_mouth white_background wide_hips  rating:Safe score:10 user:fenrir_q
 1girl 2017 artist_name black_dress breasts brown_background character_name commentary commission cowboy_shot cross cross_necklace dress english_commentary hair_over_one_eye iahfy inverted_cross jewelry lips long_sleeves looking_at_viewer necklace parasoul_(skullgirls) red_hair shiny shiny_skin skullgirls solo turtleneck yellow_eyes  rating:Safe score:7 user:fenrir_q
 alternate_costume asymmetrical_gloves black_choker black_gloves black_horns black_jacket black_legwear black_nails black_skirt breasts brown_background character_name choker cigarette cleavage commentary cross cross_necklace demon_girl demon_tail ear_piercing earrings english_commentary fingerless_gloves gloves hair_over_one_eye helltaker high_collar highres horns invisible_chair jacket jewelry looking_at_viewer maid nail_polish necklace octorypo piercing red_eyes red_gloves red_shirt sharp_teeth shiny shiny_clothes shirt sitting skirt smoke tail teeth thighhighs white_hair wristband zdrada_(helltaker) zettai_ryouiki  rating:Safe score:9 user:fenrir_q
 1girl 33dot absurdres blue_ribbon braid breasts brown_hair chains cleavage cuffs elbow_gloves freckles fur_trim gloves goat_horns hair_ribbon highres holding holding_polearm holding_spear holding_weapon hooves horizontal_pupils horns korean_commentary krampus_(33dot) leotard monster_girl original pointy_ears polearm ribbon see-through shackles sharp_teeth sleeveless solo spear sweatdrop tail tail_ornament tail_ribbon teeth weapon white_background yellow_eyes  rating:Safe score:5 user:fenrir_q
 1girl 2020 amy_(raban2950) black_shirt breasts earrings hair_over_one_eye jewelry looking_down off_shoulder open_mouth original ponytail purple_hair raban2950 scar scar_across_eye scar_on_face sharp_teeth shirt shoulder_tattoo solo sweater tattoo teeth tongue turtleneck turtleneck_sweater underboob upper_body white_background yellow_eyes  rating:Questionable score:8 user:fenrir_q

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 1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id breasts cellphone cleavage eyelashes eyepatch fingerless_gloves gloves large_breasts long_hair marimo_(yousei_ranbu) midriff mirai_nikki mouth_hold navel phone purple_eyes purple_hair sitting sleeveless solo toned uryuu_minene window zipper  rating:Safe score:22 user:danbooru
 1girl :d absurdres belt black_eyes black_gloves black_hair breasts flower gloves hair_flower hair_ornament highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon kanmiya_shinobu long_hair manamia_(the_last_story) open_mouth scarf single_glove skirt smile snow snowing solo sword teeth the_last_story weapon winter_clothes  rating:Safe score:5 user:danbooru
 artist_request black_bra black_hair bra cigar destiny_child kresnik_(destiny_child) lingerie looking_at_viewer midriff_peek moon navel panty_straps planted planted_sword planted_weapon see-through see-through_shirt shirt sword tagme unbuttoned underwear weapon white_shirt yellow_eyes  rating:Safe score:6 user:haufel
 1boy androgynous arched_back black_legwear blonde_hair blue_eyes blush boots bowsette bracelet capelet center_frills collar crown dress earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingernails frills genderswap genderswap_(ftm) green_capelet highres horns jewelry kuroino_(0kuro8ino6) long_hair male_focus mario_(series) new_super_mario_bros._u_deluxe nintendo pantyhose pointy_ears ponytail sapphire_(gemstone) sharp_fingernails sharp_teeth shell shiny sketch smoke solo spiked_bracelet spiked_collar spikes standing super_crown sweat teeth white_background  rating:Safe score:8 user:fakyuh
 1girl black_gloves black_leotard blurry blurry_background braid breasts cape cleavage closed_mouth cowboy_shot depth_of_field fingerless_gloves gloves gogalking grey_hair hand_up highres horizontal_pupils horns leotard looking_at_viewer original pelvic_curtain solo ur-bracka_(gogalking) yellow_eyes  rating:Safe score:3 user:danbooru
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bangs black_shirt blush brown_hair cat_ears clothes_pin commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair fish_hair_ornament fumino_tamaki green_eyes hair_ornament hood hoodie kudoo_atsu nijisanji shirt short_hair solo speech_bubble striped striped_hoodie translation_request virtual_youtuber white_background  rating:Safe score:8 user:danbooru

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