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Anonymous commented at 2015-12-05 20:46:19 » #1860471

What a waste of a character Elizabeth is.

While not all that good, at least the Elizabeth that appeared in the oneshot, at least she was somewhat original and fun. This Elizabeth though is just a walking joke created simply as somebody that can be molested by the main protagonist.

I must confess that I never liked the manga itself. The pacing was crap, the story was substandard and the main heroes made me want destroy them.

BUT, then Diana appeared and her almost yandere love for the main protagonist was refreshing... she was somebody I could root for; indeed she gave me a reason for actually reading the poorly written chapters.

But lo and behold, lurking there all along was King the lolicon.

No, as for manga I find nothing wrong with lolicons in them... but King disgusted me. His personality was disgusting as was his looks both his real ones and the appearance he took on that he believed to be cool.

And he loved Diana. Thankfully Diana didn't return those feelings AT ALL.

Indeed people liked Diana far more than they did Elizabeth, and even though the main protagonist gave off an aura of being a piece of crap, he could be somewhat redeemed by Diana.

But such a shitty manga as this could not allow the fans to actually get what they wanted... so the manga-ka desperately wanting to make Elizabeth relevant starts giving her more faux importance. She can't fight but -- not only is she a princess of a kingdom... she was actually an adopted child and she has the blood of a shaman so she is super important to the angels and demons ect ect ect and yeah nobody gave a fuck and wondered why she was give in any importance when she was just a pair of walking boobs that the main hero could molest. Because apparently even though there are plenty of better looking women, he wants to molest her above every one else... because... err?? Well there is no real reason so lets just make her his love interest from several hundred years ago reborn or some shit like that.

So solved that one. She is still the no.1 girl even though she is boring as hell and nobody outside of the manga-ka himself like her.

But what to do? Diana is still a problem since the fans like her. Oh how about we make her and King a couple? Only -- she doesn't like King.

Ah!!! Lets make a flashback where we show that she knew King when she was a child and he was and adult and he pretty much somewhat raised her!! And lets have that almost paternal love for her be the reason why King fell in love with her... Brilliant!! Then have King put a spell on her which makes her forget him! Yay!!!

Oh and even though she even in that flashback shows us that she didn't have even remotely romantic feelings for him since she saw him almost as a parent and an older brother, lets make it so that she suddenly regain her memories!!! But when she regains her memories all of a sudden she will now be in live with King!!!! Oh and all her love and jealousy that she had for the main protagonist? A guy she has been lusting for passionately for like 200+ years? yeah, lest just have her suddenly decide that she wasn't in love with him at all.

So I dropped the manga and stopped reading it.

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Anonymous commented at 2016-02-08 10:55:44 » #1896449

Bru.... post this on myanimelist, not on gelbooru xD

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