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romi (346 ura), hayami kanade, sagisawa fumika, idolmaster, idolmaster cinderella girls, bad id, bad twitter id, 2girls, bangs, beige sweater, beret, black hair, blue dress, blue eyes, blue hair, blue skirt, blush, breasts, dress, earrings, hairband, hand on another's hip, hat, hip focus, jewelry, long hair, looking at another, medium breasts, multiple girls, off-shoulder, off-shoulder sweater, off shoulder, parted lips, plaid, plaid dress, red sweater, ribbed sweater, shawl, short hair, simple background, skirt, sweater, turtleneck, turtleneck sweater, white background, yellow eyes, yuri - Image View - | Gelbooru - Free Anime and Hentai Gallery

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