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olivert reise arnor, scherazard harvey, eiyuu densetsu, falcom, sora no kiseki, commentary, highres, 1boy, 1girl, alcohol, bangs, bead necklace, beads, blonde hair, blue eyes, bottle, bracelet, breasts, bridal gauntlets, cleavage, cleavage cutout, closed mouth, clothing cutout, coat, crop top, dark-skinned female, dark skin, earrings, eyebrows visible through hair, forehead jewel, gloves, hairband, hand on hip, hashtag, heart, holding, holding bottle, hoop earrings, jewelry, kaimurkgk, large breasts, lips, long hair, looking at viewer, lying, navel, navel piercing, necklace, on stomach, one eye closed, orange background, parted bangs, piercing, purple gloves, sarong, sash, silver hair, simple background, smile, solo focus, stomach, twitter username, two-tone background, unconscious, upper body, white background, white coat - Image View - | Gelbooru - Free Anime and Hentai Gallery

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