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fangdan runiu, 9a-91 (girls' frontline), an-94 (girls' frontline), m590 (girls' frontline), wa2000 (girls' frontline), girls' frontline, walther, commentary request, highres, 4girls, alternate costume, ammunition pouch, an-94, assault rifle, backpack, bag, blonde hair, blue eyes, bullpup, gloves, green eyes, gun, hairband, hands in pockets, holding, holding gun, holding weapon, jacket, long hair, looking at viewer, multiple girls, one side up, outdoors, pouch, purple hair, red scarf, rifle, scarf, shoulder bag, sidelocks, silver hair, smoke grenade, sniper rifle, trigger discipline, walther wa 2000, weapon, white hair - Image View - | Gelbooru - Free Anime and Hentai Gallery

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