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shinonome halltro, fujimaru ritsuka (female), fate/grand order, fate (series), absurdres, commentary request, highres, 1girl, ahoge, armpits, arms behind head, arms up, bangs, bare shoulders, bikini, blush, breasts, cleavage, collarbone, cowboy shot, eyebrows visible through hair, gluteal fold, groin, hair between eyes, halterneck, medium breasts, midriff, mouth hold, navel, o-ring, o-ring bikini, orange bikini, orange eyes, orange hair, shadow, short hair, sideboob, sidelocks, simple background, sitting, skindentation, solo, striped, striped bikini, swimsuit, thigh gap, tying hair, underboob, white background - Image View - | Gelbooru - Free Anime and Hentai Gallery

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