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Tag type: General

Images featuring only female characters, or with an overwhelming emphasis on female characters. Do not use on female-to-male genderswaps, or any image with an easily noticeable male presence. (You'd think this would be obvious, but apparently it's not.)

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Last updated: 07/19/19 11:53 AM by AngryZapdos
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2girls alternate_breast_size alternate_color alternate_form alternate_hair_color alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle amy_rose animal animal_ears areolae bare_arms bare_legs bare_shoulders bat bat_girl bat_wings black_background boots bouncing_breasts bra bracelet breasts clenched_hands colored_skin crystal dress dress_lift emerald eyeshadow female_focus fists full_body gloves glowing hair_up hammer headband heart hedgehog hedgehog_ears hedgehog_girl hedgehog_tail huge_areolae huge_breasts huge_weapon jewelry jinu_(jinusenpai) large_areolae large_breasts lips lipstick looking_at_viewer makeup motion_lines multicolored multicolored_boots multicolored_clothes multicolored_skin multiple_girls nipples open_mouth over_shoulder panties pink_eyes pink_eyeshadow pink_lips pointing pointing_finger pointing_up red_dress red_eyes red_footwear red_skirt red_theme revealing_clothes rings rouge_the_bat seductive_smile sega shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin skirt skirt_lift smile smirk sonic_(series) sonic_team spiked_hair stars tail teeth thick_thighs thighs tongue transformation two-tone_legwear two-tone_skin underwear upskirt video_game weapon weapon_over_shoulder white_boots white_fur white_gloves white_panties wide_hips wings yellow_fur
1girl blush collarbone dress female_focus frown gal_gun hair_ornament moon_hair_ornament open_mouth pink_dress purple_eyes shoes short_hair simple_background socks solo spread_legs tsukimiya_madoka white_background white_dress
1girl blonde_hair brown_eyes collarbone dress expressionless female_focus gal_gun looking_at_viewer necktie sakaguchi_kasumi school_uniform shoes short_hair short_sleeves simple_background sneakers socks solo standing white_background white_dress
1girl absurdres breasts cleavage cleavage_cutout clothing_cutout female_focus furry highres itaki_(itakinomaturi) long_hair original parted_lips petals pink_eyes pink_hair profile signature solo
1girl anus ass belly black_hair breasts female_focus hanging_breasts hrgm loli long_hair looking_through_legs monochrome nipples original pregnancy_test pregnant pussy pussy_juice solo spread_pussy thigh_gap upside-down
1girl areolae ass blonde_hair boots breasts bursting_breasts butt_crack christmas christmas_present cleavage cleft_of_venus close-up elbow_gloves erect_nipples female_focus gloves hat huge_breasts looking_at_viewer nipples oda_non original panties pantyshot partially_visible_vulva purple_panties santa_boots santa_claus santa_hat simple_background solo spread_legs teeth thighhighs tongue underwear white_background white_legwear yellow_eyes

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