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Tag type: General

Most of the image is occupied by a character, whose body is framed as to be 100% within the image, including his/her head, feet and hands.

Example: post #1507962, post #1791047


• Appendages, exceptionally, such as hair, clothes, wings, horns and tails, may or may not be cut off the frames. Compare these wings: post #1394480, post #1357155. See also Miku's hair in post #719620

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 1girl alakoala arm_up bare_legs barefoot blue_neckwear blue_ribbon blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt commentary_request full_body gloves gradient_hair hat hat_removed headwear_removed highres kantai_collection multicolored_hair neckerchief pleated_skirt puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_hair ribbon sailor_collar sailor_hat school_uniform serafuku short_hair short_sleeves sidelocks skirt solo standing tsushima_(kancolle) white_gloves white_headwear
 2girls :3 :d adjusting_hair alternate_hairstyle aqua_background arm_up bangs belt blonde_hair blue_hoodie blunt_bangs brown_belt brown_blouse brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair closed_mouth color_connection commentary_request converse cosplay costume_switch eyebrows_visible_through_hair flip-flops forehead full_body green_skirt hair_ornament hair_scrunchie hairstyle_switch hand_holding hand_on_own_head healin'_good_precure heart height_difference hiramitsu_hinata hiramitsu_hinata_(cosplay) hood hoodie jj_(ssspulse) kasugano_urara_(yes!_precure_5) kasugano_urara_(yes!_precure_5)_(cosplay) leather_belt long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another multiple_girls no_socks open_clothes open_hoodie open_mouth oversized_clothes pink_scrunchie pose precure red_footwear sandals scrunchie shirt shoes sideways_glance simple_background skirt smile sneakers socks trait_connection twintails white_sleeves yellow_eyes yellow_shirt yellow_skirt yes!_precure_5
 1girl ayanami_(azur_lane) azur_lane black_footwear blonde_hair blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt chibi eyebrows_visible_through_hair full_body headgear highres kashimu long_hair looking_at_viewer pleated_skirt red_eyes sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo white_background white_shirt
 2boys ayame_(redluzhong) bangs black_footwear black_jacket brown_jacket brown_pants card collared_shirt commentary_request danganronpa_(series) danganronpa_3_(anime) formal full_body grey_hair hair_between_eyes hand_up highres holding hope's_peak_academy_school_uniform id_card jacket kneeling komaeda_nagito long_sleeves male_focus medium_hair messy_hair multiple_boys necktie pants paper pink_blood red_background red_neckwear school_uniform shirt shoes solo_focus vest white_shirt
 1girl blue_eyes blue_hair brown_dress cup dress drinking_glass food fruit full_body green_sweater hair_down holding holding_cup ice ice_cube kantai_collection lemon lemon_slice long_hair long_sleeves official_alternate_costume shakemi_(sake_mgmgmg) solo souryuu_(kancolle) sweater
 1girl ahoge bandage bangs black_bow black_nails bow cake colored_skin commentary double_bun doughnut dress food full_body green_eyes grey_hair grey_skin hair_bow hand_on_own_chest heterochromia highres holding holding_food hololive hololive_indonesia indoors jelly kureiji_ollie looking_at_viewer macaron mary_janes mismatched_footwear mismatched_pupils multicolored multicolored_eyes multicolored_hair nail_polish on_bed open_mouth pastry patchwork_skin pink_hair reclining red_eyes red_hair shoes solo_focus stitched_face stitches streaked_hair sword symbol_commentary takuyarawr torn_clothes torn_dress udin_(kureiji_ollie) virtual_youtuber weapon white_hair wrist_bow yellow_eyes zombie

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