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A simple, circular chain worn loosely around the neck as jewelry.

Different from pendant, which has a jewel fastened to a chain as a centerpiece, or choker, which fits snugly around the neck.

Types of necklace

* Locket

Objects often affixed to a necklace


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 1boy 1girl abs absurdres bangs biceps black_eyes black_hair black_pants closed_mouth foot_out_of_frame hair_pulled_back heart highres holding holding_jewelry holding_necklace jewelry jujutsu_kaisen long_sleeves looking_away muscular muscular_male necklace one_eye_closed open_mouth painapo pants pectorals sailor sailor_collar scar scar_on_face shirtless short_hair short_ponytail simple_background skirt smile sparkle standing takada-chan toudou_aoi_(jujutsu_kaisen) twintails v white_background
 1boy alternate_costume belt black_shirt book brown_eyes brown_hair chaps duel_academy_uniform_(yu-gi-oh!_gx) duel_monster ebira full_body holding holding_book holding_flask hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket jewelry long_sleeves male_focus multicolored_hair necklace open_book open_clothes open_jacket pants pointy_footwear red_jacket shirt simple_background standing two-tone_hair white_background winged_kuriboh yu-gi-oh! yu-gi-oh!_gx yuuki_juudai
... ...? 1girl 2boys arms_around_shoulders arms_around_waist black_eyes black_hair black_legwear black_pants black_shirt blonde_hair bob_cut border bracelet english_text eyebrows flower forehead forehead_protector grey_background hand_on_ground haruno_sakura headband highres holding holding_flower hug hug_from_behind jacket jewelry leaning_on_person looking_at_another multiple_boys naruto_(series) naruto_shippuuden necklace orange_jacket oratoza pale_skin pants parted_lips petals pink_hair profile rose shirt short_hair short_sleeves sitting speech_bubble spiked_hair surprised sweatdrop t-shirt teeth uchiha_sasuke uzumaki_naruto white_border wristband
 1boy armor asymmetrical_clothes bangs bead_necklace beads closed_mouth facial_mark forehead_mark genshin_impact green_hair highres holding holding_weapon jewelry male_focus multicolored_hair necklace polearm shiraishi_(siraisi00) shoulder_armor simple_background solo spikes tassel twitter_username upper_body weapon white_background xiao_(genshin_impact) yellow_eyes
 1girl 774_inc. absurdres bare_shoulders bed bed_sheet bedroom demon_girl demon_horns demon_tail eyebrows_visible_through_hair futayamam2 gradient_hair highres holding honey_strap horns jewelry largo long_hair mimikaki multicolored_hair necklace pantyhose pointy_ears red_eyes red_sweater sitting smile solo sunlight suou_patra sweater tail very_long_hair virtual_youtuber window
1boy arm_tattoo bare_arms bead_necklace beads black_gloves energy genshin_impact gloves glowing glowing_eyes glowing_tattoo green_hair highres horns jewelry male_focus mask necklace oratoza pale_skin short_hair sleeveless solo solo_focus tattoo white_background xiao_(genshin_impact)

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