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Tag type: General


Small breasts are larger than a flat_chest and smaller than medium_breasts.

Use this tag if the character's chest is not flat, but the breast would not hang over a hand placed immediately beneath the breast. In other words, if there's enough to cast a shadow, yet there is not enough to hang or squeeze together, then use the small breasts tag.

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 1girl :d bangs blunt_bangs blush breasts ddari dress fang fingernails head_tilt highres looking_at_viewer monogatari_(series) open_mouth oshino_shinobu outstretched_arms red_dress red_eyes red_ribbon ribbon simple_background sleeveless sleeveless_dress small_breasts smile solo spread_arms upper_body white_background
 1girl absurdres blue_eyes blue_hair breasts competition_swimsuit dark_skin dark_skinned_female fate/grand_order fate_(series) full_body grey_swimsuit hairband hassan_of_serenity_(fate) highres kimuwaipu kneeling one-piece_swimsuit short_hair simple_background small_breasts solo swimsuit thighhighs two-tone_swimsuit white_background white_legwear
1girl 3d black_hair breasts cleft_of_venus dildo hair_ornament highres honey_select idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls pussy sasaki_chie school_swimsuit sex_toy small_breasts solo sweat swimsuit tongue
 1girl :d ahoge andira_(granblue_fantasy) animal_ears bangs bare_shoulders blonde_hair blush breasts casual_one-piece_swimsuit cleavage collarbone commentary_request covered_navel detached_sleeves erune eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang flower granblue_fantasy hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hands_up highleg highleg_swimsuit highres looking_at_viewer monkey_ears monkey_tail off_shoulder one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth orange_eyes pilokey short_hair simple_background skin_fang small_breasts smile solo swimsuit tail two_side_up white_background
 1girl :d ahoge arm_up armpits bangs bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts bridal_gauntlets commentary_request dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower forehead gem granblue_fantasy highres looking_at_viewer lyria_(granblue_fantasy) open_mouth parted_bangs petals pilokey pleated_dress red_flower sleeveless sleeveless_dress small_breasts smile solo upper_teeth white_dress yellow_flower
1girl 3d black_hair breasts hair_ornament highres honey_select idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls sasaki_chie school_swimsuit small_breasts solo swimsuit

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