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バーチャルユーチューバー バーチャルYouTuber Vtuber

A virtual YouTuber, sometimes called Vtuber, is a content creator and personality that utilizes a 3D or 2D digital avatar for online videos and/or livestreaming, often assuming a character as well. Despite the brand name, content is not limited to YouTube.

The term was first coined by Kizuna_Ai, who called herself "the world's first virtual YouTuber". Many others followed suit, and the explosion in popularity of the practice lead the term to be used even outside of YouTube, though variations like "Vtuber" have tried to diminish the use of the brand name.

This tag should apply to both parody of virtual YouTubers and virtual YouTubers themselves.

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 1boy black_hair black_nails closed_mouth collar ear_piercing face hair_ornament holostars kanade_izuru lightning_bolt lightning_bolt_hair_ornament looking_at_viewer male_focus nail_polish piercing purple_eyes solo spiked_collar spikes virtual_youtuber xmayo0x
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 1boy =_= animal_ears blue_shirt closed_mouth cosplay flower frisk_(undertale) frisk_(undertale)_(cosplay) highres holding holding_stick holostars jackal_ears jackal_tail kageyama_shien male_focus onion_(kionlin322) shirt solo standing stick undertale virtual_youtuber wading water
 1_tokiniha_neru. 1girl amane_kanata angel angel_wings bangs black_skirt blue_hair blush chibi chibi_inset clenched_hand eyebrows_visible_through_hair floating grey_background highres hololive looking_down multicolored_hair open_hand pink_hair purple_eyes sailor_collar short_hair silver_hair skirt smile solo sparkle streaked_hair virtual_youtuber wings

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