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Sometimes a reference to Azumanga_Daioh, but other times, simply an interjection expressing surprise.

More recently, precisely in 2020, it has been associated with Gawr_Gura, a virtual_youtuber part of the hololive group.

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 a black_gloves black_hair black_nails blush femboy fingerless_gloves gloves looking_at_viewer male_focus nail_polish piercing tagme
 1girl 2boys :> :>= a arms_up backpack bag blush body_writing breasts c.cu censored cleavage cum cum_in_ass cum_in_pussy cumdrip dirty doodle double_handjob fellatio finger_marks group_sex handjob hands_up hanging hanging_breasts huge_breasts large_areolae large_breasts lips mmf_threesome multiple_boys multiple_penises open_clothes open_shirt oral original pee peeing penis penis_grab penises_touching pussy_juice randoseru ribbon shirt shoes short_hair skirt speech_bubble spread_legs thick_lips threesome toilet writing_on_breasts