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Used when the areola (area surrounding the nipples) on a woman's breast takes about more than half of the breast or protrudes distinctly. A larger areola often is an indication of increased sexual activity.

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 1boy 1girl blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts breasts_out bulma clothes colored_skin detnox dragon_ball dragon_ball_super ear_piercing english_text erection huge_breasts huge_penis huge_testicles large_areolae looking_at_viewer nipples open_clothes penis piercing purple_skin short_hair testicles veins veiny_penis zuno_(dragon_ball)
 1boy 1girl absurdres areola_slip between_breasts black_gloves bleach breasts cleavage clothes_lift curvy face_between_breasts femdom gloves grin hand_on_another's_head hand_on_head hat head_between_breasts head_grab highres huge_breasts kimkun0162 kurosaki_ichigo large_areolae long_hair navel nipples panties shirt_lift short_ponytail smile tagme thick_thighs thighs unagiya_ikumi underwear
 1girl aki_artx blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts cake clothes creatures_(company) english_text female_focus food game_freak holding holding_plate lana_(pokemon) large_areolae large_breasts lipstick looking_at_viewer makeup nintendo nipples panties partially_undressed plate pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm ponytail red_lips simple_background sitting smile solo spread_legs thighhighs underwear white_panties white_thighhighs
 1girl aki_artx beer_can blush breasts can completely_nude english_text female_focus food food_on_body grey_hair large_areolae large_breasts lipstick long_hair looking_at_viewer lying makeup nipples nude open_mouth original pussy red_lips simple_background smile solo tongue tongue_out
 1girl aki_artx bandana blush breast_grab breasts clothes english_text female_focus female_pubic_hair grabbing grabbing_own_breast grey_hair lactation large_areolae large_breasts looking_at_viewer medium_hair nipples old old_woman original partially_undressed pubic_hair pussy simple_background smile solo
 1girl aki_artx anus apron ass blush breasts clothes english_text female_focus female_pubic_hair grey_hair large_areolae large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer naked_apron nipples old old_woman original partially_undressed pubic_hair pussy simple_background smile solo

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