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An American engineer/artist who specializes in fanart of various anime/manga/video game characters, and is most famous for developing Walfas, a program that lets artists create their own Touhou characters. He is also known as TheKirbyM. He has a distinctive chibi art style where the characters have wide faces, simplified eyes that look like lines or dots, no nose, and stubby arms and legs. Starting in 2020, he has begun consistently creating fanart and animations of hololive's virtual_youtubers. Out of all the hololive members, he notably favors Watson Amelia, and his depiction of chibi Amelia became especially popular, which led to the creation of fan game called Smol Ame, based off of the character. His designs became so popular that they eventually became alternate costumes for the Holomyth girls, which they have used during streams.







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 1girl black_eyes black_sweater candle chibi dragon_tail hair_ornament hairclip head_wings holding holding_candle nijisanji nijisanji_en open_mouth pants purple_pants selen_tatsuki shaded_face solo sweater tail transparent_background virtual_youtuber walfie
 1girl animal_hood black_footwear black_hair black_hoodie chibi fish_hair_ornament hair_ornament hood hood_down hoodie neckerchief nijisanji nijisanji_en open_mouth orange_hair orange_neckwear penguin_hood petra_gurin short_hair sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists smile socks solo transparent_background virtual_youtuber walfie white_hoodie white_legwear
 1girl animated chibi eyes_closed holding holding_umbrella hololive hololive_english looping_animation ninomae_ina'nis ponytail purple_background purple_hair raincoat simple_background solo transparent transparent_umbrella umbrella video violet_(ninomae_ina'nis) virtual_youtuber walfie yellow_raincoat
 1girl animated birthday birthday_cake blue_hoodie cake chibi eating fish_tail food gawr_gura hololive hololive_english hood hoodie long_hair looping_animation polearm shark_girl shark_tail silver_hair solo tail trident two_side_up video virtual_youtuber walfie weapon
 1girl ahoge animated chibi dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail hololive horns kiryu_coco long_hair looping_animation orange_hair tail video virtual_youtuber walfie
 >_< 1girl animated chibi chicken_leg hat hololive hololive_english long_hair looping_animation multicolored_hair orange_hair orange_headwear smile takanashi_kiara video virtual_youtuber walfie

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