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ツインテール (twin teeru)

Generalized form of pigtails. A hair style where the hair is tied into sections forming two ponytails. The Japanese term for this type of hair style is ツインテール (twin tail).

Not to be confused with multiple_tails which relates to beings with more than one tail of the animal variety.

Not to be confused with twin_braids: a hair style where the hair is tied into sections forming two braids

Notable twintail characters

Hatsune_Miku (of VOCALOID)
Black_Rock_Shooter_(character) of Black_Rock_Shooter
Fate_Testarossa (of Lyrical_Nanoha, only when transformed)
Nakano_Azusa (of K-ON!)
Tsukino_Usagi/Sailor_Moon of Bishoujo_Senshi_Sailor_Moon

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 1girl absurdres animal_ears armpits arms_up barefoot beach bikini blue_bikini braid breasts brown_eyes bunny_ears bunny_pose cloud hairband hanba_rou highres long_hair mimi_(princess_connect!) navel ocean open_mouth outdoors princess_connect! princess_connect!_re:dive sky small_breasts smile solo standing standing_on_one_leg swimsuit swimwear twin_braids twintails very_long_hair
 1girl absurdres animal_ears armpits arms_up barefoot beach braid breasts brown_eyes bunny_ears bunny_pose cloud convenient_leg hairband hanba_rou highres loli long_hair mimi_(princess_connect!) navel nipples nude ocean open_mouth outdoors princess_connect! princess_connect!_re:dive sky small_breasts smile solo standing standing_on_one_leg twin_braids twintails very_long_hair
 1girl black_headwear black_shorts brown_hair chinese_clothes cowboy_shot ddangbi english_text eyes_closed fang flower genshin_impact ghost hat hu_tao jewelry open_mouth red_eyes red_flower ring short_shorts shorts smile symbol-shaped_pupils twintails
 3girls :d ;q animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bangs black_dress black_headwear black_neckwear blue_eyes blue_jacket blunt_bangs bow bowtie braid braided_ponytail breasts cat_ears cherry choker commentary_request cray criss-cross_halter detached_sleeves dress drill_hair flower food frilled_choker frills fruit gloves gothic_lolita hair_ribbon hairband halter_dress halterneck hat hat_flower holding holding_food holding_fruit hololive houshou_marine jacket lolita_fashion long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mini_hat mini_top_hat multiple_girls murasaki_shion one_eye_closed open_mouth red_dress red_eyes red_hair ribbon shirakami_fubuki sidelocks silver_hair smile teeth tongue tongue_out top_hat twin_drills twintails upper_teeth virtual_youtuber white_gloves white_hair wide_sleeves yellow_eyes
 5girls ^_^ animal_ears animal_print arm_around_shoulder bare_arms bare_shoulders beanie bike_shorts bike_shorts_under_shorts black_hair black_leopard_(kemono_friends) blonde_hair bow bowtie braid breast_pocket cat_girl closed_eyes closed_mouth collarbone collared_jacket collared_shirt commentary_request crocodilian_tail cutoffs day denmaru._(dedendenmaru) elbow_gloves eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed facing_viewer fang fingerless_gloves friends furrowed_eyebrows glasses gloves gorilla_(kemono_friends) green_eyes green_hair hair_bow hand_on_another's_arm hand_on_another's_shoulder hand_on_eyewear hand_up hat high_collar high_ponytail jacket kemono_friends leaning_forward leopard_(kemono_friends) leopard_ears leopard_print leopard_tail long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_down low-tied_long_hair midriff miniskirt multicolored_hair multiple_girls open_mouth orange_hair outdoors over-rim_eyewear pants partially_unzipped pocket print_gloves print_legwear print_skirt saltwater_crocodile_(kemono_friends) seiza semi-rimless_eyewear shirt shoes short_hair short_shorts short_sleeves shorts shorts_under_shorts sitting skirt smile spectacled_caiman_(kemono_friends) spikes standing stomach tail tan tank_top thighhighs torn_clothes torn_pants twin_braids twintails vest white_shirt wide-eyed wing_collar yellow_eyes zettai_ryouiki zipper zipper_pull_tab |d
 1girl absurdres bed black_legwear breasts covered_navel eyebrows_visible_through_hair gloves hair_ribbon heterochromia highres hololive houshou_marine kinoruru_toiro large_breasts looking_at_viewer on_bed pleated_skirt red_eyes red_hair red_ribbon red_skirt ribbon skirt solo thighhighs twintails virtual_youtuber white_gloves yellow_eyes

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