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A mecha action series created by Takaya_Yoshiki. It was originally a short hentai manga that was written and drawn under the pen name Moriwo Chimi. The manga ran from October 1983 to November 1984. It was adapted into a non hentai anime OVA by AIC. The anime was directed by Hirano Toshihiro and written by Aikawa Shou who both previously worked on the mecha anime Dangai-oh. The characters were designed by Asamiya_Kia working under his real name Kikuchi Michikata. The soundtrack was composed by Kawanuma Eiji. The mechs were designed by Kakinuma_Hideki, Yamane_Kishitoshi, and Moriki_Yasuhiro. It ran from November 26, 1988 to February 21, 1990. Takaya later returned to the series in 2008 with Zeorymer Omega, this time only writing the story with watariU drawing instead.

While the anime and manga share some concepts and characters, the stories for both are radically different.

The anime is set in a world secretly ruled by a monarchy called the Hau Dragon, whose members pilot giant robots based off of the natural elements. Yet, for all their power, they fear one machine, the Zeorymer, which was stolen by a traitor to their group and is now in the Japanese government's possession. Akitsu Masato is a teenage boy who's dragged into this conflict by the government and is informed that his entire life was actually in preparation for him to pilot the Zeorymer. Masato is forced to work together with a mysterious girl named Himuro Miku to use Zeorymer to stop the Hau Dragon's ambitions. Masato is overwhelmed by all the shocking revelations he is forced to accept and being thrown into life and death battles, and to make matters worse, he finds himself lapsing into a dark side that he never realized he had . . .


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