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A black_haired young man with red_eyes. He physically resembles his older sister Yor Briar. He is a supporting character from Spy_x_Family.

Yuri is the younger brother of Yor, and Yor got all of he child-rearing experience from having to take care of him after they were orphaned. For this reason, Yuri feels indebted to Yor and is unwaveringly devoted to her. Yuri idolizes Yor and not allow any harm or criticism come to her. He will even happily gulp down Yor's horrendous food, even as it makes him sick. Years of consuming Yor's food and weathering her unexpected strength has hardened both Yuri's stomach and body. Yuri's devotion to Yor is also why he resents Twilight, feeling that Twilight is essentially taking her away from him by becoming Yor's husband. Yuri is secretly a member of Ostania's secret police, which Yor is completely unaware of. Ironically, he is also completely unaware of Yor's real job of being an assassin for Ostania.

He is voiced by Ono_Kensho.

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 1boy 1girl ^_^ aged_down animal animal_hug awarinko bare_arms black_footwear black_hair bond_(spy_x_family) bow brother_and_sister child closed_eyes closed_mouth dog dress facing_viewer female_child full_body great_pyrenees grey_shirt hairband happy highres laughing looking_at_viewer male_child mary_janes open_mouth puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves puppy red_dress shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves siblings sidelocks simple_background sitting socks spy_x_family t-shirt updo wariza white_background white_socks yellow_bow yor_briar yuri_briar
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