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A type of male_underwear with a higher cut than normal briefs, typically covering only the wearer's pelvic area. Also known colloquially as "banana hammocks" or "budgie smugglers".

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 1boy bikini_briefs black_hair blush bulge clothes_lift collared_shirt lifted_by_self looking_at_viewer lying male_focus male_underwear navel nayoshi_(r-744) necktie on_back on_bed original penis penis_peek shirt shirt_lift short_hair shota solo striped striped_necktie striped_neckwear underwear white_shirt
 1boy ass beach bikini_briefs blue_towel censored from_behind highres justsyl leaf lens_flare link looking_at_viewer lying male_focus male_swimwear male_underwear mosaic_censoring nintendo on_stomach plant pointy_ears ponytail solo sparkle swim_briefs testicles the_legend_of_zelda towel twitter_username underwear
 ... arm_support bikini_briefs black_male_underwear blush bulge claude_von_riegan collarbone earrings erection erection_under_clothes fire_emblem fire_emblem:_three_houses from_side full_body greyscale jewelry looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus male_underwear monochrome muscular muscular_male navel nintendo nipples nostalish one_eye_closed open_mouth sweat translation_request underwear underwear_only wink
 1boy animal_ears backlighting bikini_briefs blue_eyes bottle brown_fur bulge cityscape claws clenched_teeth curtains dog_boy dog_ears furry furry_male glass_bottle hair_ornament highres male_focus male_underwear male_underwear_pull navel night original raizinndx short_hair solo teeth wine_bottle x_hair_ornament
 1boy :o arched_back bikini_briefs black_hair blue_eyes blush erection highres looking_at_viewer lying male_focus male_underwear monomou navel nipples original penis shota solo underwear
 2boys after_anal aftersex anal animal_ears anus ass ass_focus ass_grab back bar_censor bara bikini_briefs blush bulge censored clothing_aside crossdressing cum cum_from_ass cum_in_ass cum_on_ass cum_on_body cum_on_boy cumdrip elbow_gloves fake_animal_ears feet_out_of_frame flaccid from_behind full-face_blush gaping gaping_anus gloves grabbing_another's_ass greyscale groping highres huge_ass latex latex_legwear legs_apart male_ass male_focus male_playboy_bunny male_underwear male_underwear_aside meme_attire monochrome multiple_boys muscular muscular_arms muscular_back muscular_legs muscular_male original penis perineal_bulge perineum pov pov_hands pov_male puffy_anus rabbit_ears reverse_bunnysuit reverse_outfit shiny_anus short_hair solo_focus spread_anus spread_ass spread_legs sweat testicles thick_eyebrows thick_thighs thighhighs thighs toned toned_male translation_request trembling underwear well_used_anus yaoi yomotsuki_road

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