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Japanese "devil mask" from ancient times.

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 1girl absurdres ass bell black_kimono blush commentary_request dutch_angle embarrassed eyelashes feet foot_focus foreshortening frilled_sleeves frills gold_trim grey_hair hair_bell hair_ornament highres holding hololive horns indoors japanese_clothes karma_(nakiri_ayame) katana kimono kouhaku_nawa legs legs_together long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mask mask_on_head monkey_kusai multicolored_hair nakiri_ayame no_shoes off_shoulder one_side_up oni oni_horns oni_mask open_mouth panties pantyhose partially_visible_vulva red_eyes red_hair red_panties rope sheath sheathed shimenawa shiny shiny_skin shoes shoes_removed short_kimono skin-covered_horns smell soles solo steaming_body streaked_hair sword thighhighs thighs toe_scrunch toes underwear virtual_youtuber weapon white_thighhighs wide_sleeves
 1boy ahoge armor artist_name bangs bead_necklace beads black_background black_hair covered_navel cowboy_shot detached_sleeves diamond-shaped_pupils diamond_(shape) eyeshadow facial_mark forehead_mark genshin_impact gravitydusty green_hair hair_over_one_eye highres jewelry makeup male_focus mask mask_on_head necklace oni_mask parted_bangs pendant red_eyeshadow shirt short_hair_with_long_locks shoulder_armor shoulder_spikes single_bare_shoulder single_detached_sleeve sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo spikes symbol-shaped_pupils tassel xiao_(genshin_impact) yellow_eyes
 1boy absurdres ahoge arm_tattoo armor bangs bead_necklace beads cowboy_shot detached_sleeves eyeshadow facial_mark fighting_stance forehead_mark genshin_impact gravitydusty green_eyes highres jewelry looking_at_viewer looking_back makeup male_focus mask necklace oni_mask parted_bangs red_eyeshadow shirt short_hair_with_long_locks shoulder_armor shoulder_tattoo single_bare_shoulder sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo tattoo toned toned_male twitter_username white_shirt xiao_(genshin_impact) yellow_eyes
:d ahoge alternate_costume arataki_itto bangs brown_hair comic commentary english_commentary english_text genshin_impact hair_between_eyes halloween halloween_costume highres horns hu_tao_(genshin_impact) klee_(genshin_impact) light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves low_twintails mask mhunter_45 oni oni_horns oni_mask open_mouth orange_eyes purple_eyes purple_hair qiqi_(genshin_impact) red_eyes sidelocks smile symbol-shaped_pupils twintails white_hair
 1girl :d bell colored_tips commentary_request fang full_body hair_bell hair_bun hair_ornament highres hololive horns kouhaku_nawa light_blush long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mask mask_on_head multicolored_hair nakiri_ayame o_kudake okobo oni_horns oni_mask open_mouth poyoyo_(nakiri_ayame) red_eyes red_hair rope sheath shimenawa simple_background skin_fang smile standing streaked_hair sword thighhighs twitter_username unsheathing weapon weapon_on_back white_background white_hair white_thighhighs
 1boy 1girl absurdres bar_censor breasts censored dikko girl_on_top grey_hair hetero highres hololive horns loli long_hair mask motion_lines nakiri_ayame nipples nude oni oni_horns oni_mask penis sex small_breasts speech_bubble squatting_cowgirl_position tongue tongue_out translation_request vaginal virtual_youtuber

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