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Tag type: General

A mask that only covers half of the face. Masks that cover the mouth and jaw should not fall under this tag and should be tagged ninja mask instead.


post #4098619 (covers one entire half of the face)
post #4089058 (covers one eye, but not the other)


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 1girl adjusting_hair akairiot ass black_gloves black_pants bra_strap breasts chest_sarashi collage commentary cowboy_shot english_commentary facial_mark fang fingerless_gloves fox fox_mask from_behind gloves hair_tie_in_mouth half_mask headphones highres jacket japanese_clothes kimono kiriko_(overwatch) limited_palette mask mouth_hold narrow_waist navel off_shoulder official_alternate_costume ofuda open_clothes open_kimono overwatch overwatch_2 pants sarashi small_breasts smile solo_focus sukajan sukajan_kiriko teeth topknot upper_body upper_teeth wireless
 1boy 1girl akairiot bed_sheet blush boy_on_top breasts clitoris clothed_sex commentary doughnut english_commentary facial_mark female_pubic_hair fingerless_gloves flat_color food fox_mask gloves green_gloves half-closed_eyes half_mask highres inverted_nipples kiriko_(overwatch) lying mask medium_breasts medium_hair navel nude on_back overwatch overwatch_2 pastry_box penis pov pubic_hair purple_eyes pussy pussy_juice screentones sex sheet_grab solo_focus spread_legs sweat teeth thick_thighs thighs toned topknot uncensored upper_teeth vaginal veins veiny_penis wide_spread_legs
 2girls 3d absurdres alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle animal_ear_headphones animal_ears black_choker blurry blurry_foreground blush booth_seating breasts brown_eyes choker comic commentary cunnilingus_gesture d.va_(overwatch) depth_of_field diner doughnut english_commentary facial_mark fake_animal_ears fingerless_gloves food fox_mask fugtrup gloves green_hair half_mask headphones heart heart_choker high_ponytail highres implied_yuri jacket japanese_clothes kimono kiriko_(overwatch) lips long_hair looking_at_another mask medium_breasts multiple_girls naughty_face neon_trim nose o-ring o-ring_choker overwatch overwatch_2 partially_unzipped penetration_gesture red_gloves route_66_(overwatch) saliva sexually_suggestive shoulder_pads silent_comic sitting small_breasts tongue tongue_out v_arms whisker_markings white_kimono wireless zipper
 1girl blue_fur bow brown_eyes cowboy_shot facial_mark fingerless_gloves fox fox_mask gloves green_hair grin hair_bow half_mask hungry_clicker japanese_clothes kimono kiriko_(overwatch) looking_at_viewer mask mount_fuji overwatch overwatch_2 short_ponytail smile solo
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears black_collar black_eyes black_thighhighs body_fur bow breasts bright_pupils brown_fur claws collar colored_eyelashes commentary cowboy_shot fangs furry furry_female grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_bow half_mask halloween hand_up highres holding jacket jacket_partially_removed long_hair looking_at_viewer low-tied_long_hair mask medium_breasts multicolored_eyes one_eye_covered open_mouth orange_bow orange_eyes orange_jacket original pleated_shirt pumpkin purple_eyes shirt short_eyebrows simple_background snout solo standing stitches strapless symbol-only_commentary thighhighs toriseka two-sided_fabric two-sided_jacket unzipped white_background white_hair white_pupils white_shirt wolf_ears wolf_girl zipper
 1girl akatsuki_(azur_lane) anchor_symbol armband azur_lane black_hair black_scarf boots brown_background brown_footwear crossed_arms elbow_gloves fingerless_gloves floating_hair floating_scarf from_side full_body gloves half_mask highres jiseki_rena knee_boots long_hair mask mask_over_one_eye midriff navel ninja one_eye_covered orange_eyes ponytail rudder_footwear scarf school_uniform searchlight serafuku sheath sheathed simple_background skull_mask solo standing torn_scarf very_long_hair

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