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 arm_support closed_mouth creatures_(company) from_side game_freak grey_eyes hammer higa423 highres nail nintendo no_humans pokemon pokemon_(creature) sitting solo tinkaton white_background
 ^_^ arboliva black_background closed_eyes closed_mouth creatures_(company) dolliv evolutionary_line game_freak higa423 highres nintendo no_humans o_o pokemon pokemon_(creature) simple_background smoliv standing u_u
1girl 3boys bangs blonde_hair blue_background blunt_bangs gooey_(kirby) higa423 hood hyness kirby kirby:_star_allies kirby_(series) multiple_boys nintendo open_mouth robe short_hair sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person smile sweatdrop zan_partizanne
1boy 1girl bangs blonde_hair blunt_bangs book candle closed_eyes desk higa423 hood hyness kirby:_star_allies kirby_(series) military military_uniform nintendo no_headwear pen robe short_hair sleeping uniform z zan_partizanne
1boy 1girl bandages bandana bangs blonde_hair blunt_bangs from_side grey_background higa423 highres hood hyness kirby:_star_allies kirby_(series) military military_uniform nintendo no_headwear robe short_hair tearing_up uniform zan_partizanne
1boy 1girl black_background blonde_hair book candle grey_background hat higa423 hyness kirby:_star_allies kirby_(series) military military_hat military_uniform multiple_views nintendo pajamas polearm reading spear uniform weapon zan_partizanne

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