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A purple_haired teen girl with green_eyes. She is a supporting character from Love_Live!_Superstar and makes her debut in its second season.

She is a mysterious foreign girl who suddenly appears in front of Shibuya Kanon to challenge her and has a habit of disappearing as suddenly as she appears. Her singing debut causes major upset for the Love Live tournament where she supplants Sunny Passion as Liella's main rival in spite of being a solo idol and the youngest member of the main cast. Liella realizes that they now need to up their game even further to stand a chance of winning Love Live! Unlike Sunny Passion, Wien's relationship with Liella is not friendly. Kanon and her friends have nothing against Wien as a person, but Wien is serious and hyper competitive, seeing Liella as an opponent. Although Wien is joining Love Live, she doesn't have a high opinion of school idols. Indeed, Wien is a classically trained musician/performer who's in Love Live for herself as opposed to promoting a school. What Wien really wants is to be accepted into the top music school of Vienna. As she failed in her initial attempt to get in, she hopes that her victory will convince the school to accept her.

Reflecting her classical roots, her music has a grand orchestral sound in contrast to the majority of Love Live's idol songs. Her dance choreography also incorporates ballet steps.

She is voiced by Yuina in her voice acting debut.

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