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Tag type: General

A smiley which signifies that character has his/her eyes really shut, especially as a result of being filled with glee.

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&gt;_&lt; 1girl animated animated_gif long_hair microphone music open_mouth seseren singing
&gt;_&lt; 1girl animal_ears animated animated_gif arknights cart ceobe_(arknights) long_sleeves open_mouth seseren trolley
&gt;_&lt; 1girl animated animated_gif crying girls&#039;_frontline head_bump open_mouth seseren st_ar-15_(girls&#039;_frontline)
&gt;_&lt; 1girl animated animated_gif azur_lane cheshire_(azur_lane) fang hand_up open_mouth seseren
 &gt;_&lt; 1girl animal_ears black_dress blush breasts brown_hair dress ear_covers frilled_sleeves frills hairband highres horse_ears horse_girl large_breasts long_sleeves looking_at_viewer meisho_doto_(dot-o&#039;-lantern)_(umamusume) meisho_doto_(umamusume) motoi_ayumu multicolored_hair orange_headwear puffy_sleeves purple_eyes purple_hairband short_hair single_ear_cover smile solo umamusume
&gt;_&lt; 1girl animated animated_gif laughing long_hair open_mouth pointing pointing_at_viewer seseren side_ponytail two_side_up

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